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Add Photos to your Website from Smartphone

Add Photos to your Website from Smartphone

Keep your Website fresh and current!

Something that has become very popular over the past few months is the facility to add photos to your website direct from your Smartphone.  It’s always a good thing to keep your website updated but as we’ve found with our client base it’s hard for them to get the updates done. They start of with good intentions but business gets busy and before you know it weeks have passed and there has been no content or photo updates. This option will make it super easy for you to post photos direct to your website, making sure that website visitors get to see your latest work, projects, stock and whatever you wish.

Time Management Tool!

It’s also a great time management tool. You don’t need a computer or laptop to login to do this. Just take the photos and upload them when you like to your feed. We have clients uploading these photos on their lunch breaks, on the train or in between meetings, quick and easy – just 30 seconds.

Looks Great too!

As you’ll see from the images below these photos blogs do look great and their mobile ready.

Live Examples

Check out these links, these are live galleries. All photos have been added to these websites using the smartphone!

WordPress Smartphone Photo Feed

We can install this photo feed to your WordPress website just like the client sites above. Get in touch or call us on 0141 439 1439 for more information.


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