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So you have a product or service that you want to sell online! Where do you start?
Let us point out a few things to help you on your way.

eCommerce Shopping Carts by FIZZ!

eCommerce Website Design Scotland

We have built many successful eCommerce shopping cart websites over the years. These sites have produced lots of sales with each client receiving a great return on their investment. We’ve even had a few clients close their high street shops and sell totally online.

There are a number of great eCommerce platforms out there. We have built sites using Virtue Mart, Shopify, Open Cart, Magento, OScommerce and Woocommerce.

Our preferred choice is Woocommerce by Woo themes. It is rated the number 1 eCommerce software for WordPress. It also scored 98/100 for it’s SEO performance. Another great reason for us to continue building eCommerce sites with it.

In the next section down the page we’ll talk about – the cart, secure payments, requirements and legal info, site training, what mobile-ready means and search engine rankings with SEO. Of course we’ll need to organise a call to discuss your specific requirements and if we can help you we will then book you in for a free consultation.

eCommerce Website Design Glasgow Scotland

As mentioned up the page we have built countless e-commerce sites. These sites where either build by hard coding the cart into pages or by using softwares and plugins like OSCommerce, Opencart, Magento, Virtuemart or Woocommerce.

These days we stick with what we know best – Woocommerce! With 99% of our builds done in WordPress Woocommerce is the number one choice! Woocommerce is so versatile and has multiple plugins and apps available – it pretty much covers everything a business would need from an ecommerce solution. It’s also rated the number 1 option by the WordPress community.


You’ll need to be able to accept secure payments online by credit or debit card. This can be done in a number of different ways – the most popular option for small businesses is Paypal as it’s easy to setup, no setup costs.

However Paypal is in our opinion only a start up option because if your business is doing a lot of transactions you will find more competitive rates from companies like Worldpay, Barclaycard, Sagepay and even your own business banking.

We recommend you talk with your bank about their online payment options and do a few calls to see the best offers available are as they change often.


You’ll need to remember that your eCommerce site requires certain information to help it function and to also inform your customers of how everything works. Don’t panic we’re here to advise you on all of the below.


You’ll need to organise a delivery network whether that be a courier service or Royal Mail you’ll need to work out the costs as this will determine what way the shipping section of the cart works. Statistics show that it’s good to offer free delivery. If you offer free shipping you’ll need to work the cost of shipping into the price of the product.


You’ll need to detail terms and conditions of sale to keep your business safe encase something goes wrong or encase you get a customer who wants to make things difficult for you. If you have set out your terms of sale and they have accepted them at point of sale you stand the better chance of winning that argument. Don’t forget the terms of delivery needs to be included, timescales, do they have to sign for delivery etc.


Let the customers know where they stand if they require to cancel or return. Here is a link to the Online and Distance Selling via, it’s well worth taking a read – you will find valuable information that relates to your business selling online.


Frequently asked questions are a great addition to an ecommerce site. It helps answer any common questions that the customer may have and it helps build trust.


Another very important area of the site is reviews from past customers and transactions. This also can make a big difference when it comes to someone buying from you. Another way to build trust!


All ecommerce websites receive a one to one training that takes one staff member through the operations and daily running of the cart and software. Training is done at the FIZZ office. Overseas clients will receive a online remote controlled training.

A normal training takes roughly 2-3 hours. It depends really on the type of site and how customised it is. We suggest you send the staff member who will be in control of the ecommerce part of your business. This member can then train other members of staff if need be.

Additional trainings can be organised at an hourly rate.


All of our websites are designed to work on multiple devices. This means that the sites adapts to the device it is being viewed on. This includes Desktops, laptops, Tablets and Mobile Smart Phones – this is known a Responsive websites or Mobile Ready.


We have one thing is common with offline high street shops. We need to get as many people through the door, the more we get the better chance we stand of selling products.

Your site needs to attract people, the best way of doing this is via the search engines. Getting your products onto Page One of Google is what you want to be aiming for. SEO is a very in depth subject and it requires a lot of different requirements. If you want to know more visit our dedicated SEO page or get in touch.



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