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How to Tutorial Videos

Listed below you’ll find tutorial videos from our Youtube channel that will help you with a number of different things related to your website and emails. You’ll also find some related to clever pieces of software that we’d recommend and social media tips and tricks.

How to Add a Post to your WordPress Blog/Latest News

How to Use the WordPress Toolbar (Text Editor)

How to Add a Photo to WordPress

How to Add a Photo Gallery to WordPress

How to Add or Embed Youtube Videos to your WordPress

How to Resize your Photos for Wordpress

This tool is free and will help your reduce the size of your photos for uploading to WordPress. Uploading original photos from your camera is bad practice as they are normally over 3000 pixels and 2-3mb+. Large images take longer to upload and also slow down your web visitors experience. Resizing the images will help the images upload fast and give your users a much better experience.

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook (Auto-Posts)

Post to your Facebook page when you are away from it. Great way to keep your page busy when your busy or on holidays.

How to Add Auto Response Messages to your Facebook Business Page

Reply automatically when someone sends you a message to your Facebook business page. Good for when your closed or away from Facebook.

How to Add your Emails to Outlook, Windows Mail etc

We advise all our clients to use a email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Macmail. This is the most secure and easiest way to use emails. You can also setup mail to come through to your tablet or smartphone.